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Property Inspection

If you have a house or commercial property in Arizona and are looking to have it inspected by a licensed professional, our team and inspection services are exactly what you need. Our licensed inspectors are not only properly certified to conduct house and commercial property structural, construction, and system inspections, but our first-rate services are offered at the most affordable and reasonable cost within Maricopa County, Phoenix, Mesa and nearby areas.


We use the latest tools and technologies in the home inspection industry, give immediate and complete inspection reports, and offer our inspection services at the most competitive rates in the area. With us, you are assured that your property will be thoroughly inspected by a licensed expert with substantial knowledge and training in the field, and that an accurate inspection report will be sent to you as immediately as possible, all without having to break the bank.

What is a property inspection for? Basically, a property inspection is an examination by a licensed professional of the property’s safety and current condition. It includes assessing the house or establishment’s heating and cooling systems, electrical and plumbing work, sewage, as well as the fire and safety issues of the place. The inspector assigned to the property will also check for evidence of water, insect, or fire damage, or any other issue that may affect the value of the property.

That said, a property inspection is most especially relevant in buying or selling property. It is not the same as a home appraisal, but the report generated from a property inspection is one of the factors considered in valuing real estate for buying or selling purposes.

Pre-Purchase Home Inspection

Before purchasing a home, it is important that you are properly guided. Of course, purchasing a home is a major decision and a big investment where you will have to allot most of your money, and it is just proper that you are able to make an informed decision before actually finalizing the purchase. This goes for not just regular homes, but as well as condo and apartment units.

Our pre-purchase home inspection is what you need to make an informed decision before buying a home, and is a sound financial decision in order to save on cost in unnecessary and expensive repairs. Our goal is that clients are able to buy with confidence, security, and peace of mind when it comes to choosing a home, and our team of professional and licensed home inspectors are here to give you exactly that.

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Commercial Property Inspection

Our real estate inspection services are available for commercial properties, too! Just like in purchasing a home, business owners also have to have that security and peace of mind in making such a huge investment of buying their commercial space. It is also one of their responsibilities as a business owner, so that their staff and customers, once they go operational, are assured of their safety while within the business premises.

If you are in or near Mesa or Phoenix, Arizona and want to have a commercial property inspected, our team of licensed real estate inspectors are here to offer first-rate inspection services at the most reasonable price in the area. Some commercial buildings and properties that we can accommodate include:

Once you have made your booking to have your commercial property inspected, here is a basic checklist of what your assigned commercial property inspector will check:

This does not only include the building’s outer walls, but it also includes the examination of the property’s landscaping, roofing, parking lots and other structures, if any. 

Here, the inspector will check for safety hazards, structural risks that may need immediate repair or renovation, as well as the establishment’s compliance with local building codes.

Much like in a four point home inspection, the business establishment’s major systems will also be thoroughly inspected in a commercial property inspection. This includes the electrical, plumbing, mechanical, and HVAC systems of the building. Alarms and fire safety systems will also be assessed.

The inspector may also review the building’s documents, such as building plans, surveys, construction permits, evacuation plans, floor plans, and maintenance records. These documents will guide our inspector in coming up with a complete and accurate property condition report.

For your security, safety, and peace of mind, whether as a homeowner, business owner, investor, or seller, our property inspection services are available in and near Mesa, Arizona or Phoenix, Arizona. We guarantee first-rate property inspection services only by licensed professionals, fast and accurate inspection reports, and the most reasonable rates in the area.

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