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House Inspection: Pros and Cons

A Four-Point House Inspection Service is a valuable asset for any homeowner who is contemplating purchasing a home for any number of reasons. Having a property inspected by a trained professional prior to purchase is the smartest move you can make. Not only will the inspection be detailed and thorough, but it will also provide valuable information that you can use to make an informed decision about your purchase.


First, what is a “house” in the context of this type of service? In general, a house is defined as any structure (apartment, duplex, home) that has at least two or more rooms. The rooms must be separated from one another and the location of the house or building (the property) must be clearly visible. Typically, the inspector will conduct a walk-through of the property to visually inspect all areas of the property that are potentially problematic.


The purpose of the house inspection is to provide a home buyer with an objective and nonsubjective opinion about the condition of the property. What exactly is meant by objective is that the inspector should be able to look at the home with a “neutral” mind and objectively determine whether or not the property is in need of repair or other work. This “neutral” perspective provides the home buyer with a better and more accurate picture of the condition of the home than if they were to conduct the inspection themselves. Many homeowners have been disappointed with home inspections because they felt the inspector did not have a “neutral” viewpoint and made preconceived decisions based on their own preferences.


Two things are important to remember when you are conducting an inspection of a potential home purchase. First, you will need to hire a licensed and bonded professional inspector. These professionals will have gone through the training requirements of the National House Inspection Association ( NHIA). Because of the strict code regulations associated with the certification, you cannot simply hire anyone off the street to conduct inspections.


Second, you must ensure that the person or company you hire is providing a warranty for their work. The warranty should cover a number of different aspects of the home inspection. Typically, the warranty covers the inspector’s professional opinions, material examination, testing, and any recommendations made by the professional to the homeowner. If the company is offering a service for a certain fee, it is important to ask whether that service includes the warranty aspect of the inspection.


There are many advantages and disadvantages to a four-point house inspection service. One of the main advantages is that this type of service offers a very objective and independent means for evaluating the condition of a property. The process eliminates subjective decisions regarding the value of the property. Also, if the property is being inspected by more than one inspector, the results can be combined into one report. Also, if the house inspection service is being provided by an independent person or company, they are less likely to recommend a particular course of action.


There are some risks with hiring a house inspection service. First, if the home inspector does not have enough experience in the area of the house that needs to be inspected, the result may not be as accurate as needed. Also, if the company is inexperienced, or does not have proper training, they may recommend a course of action which is not in the best interest of the homeowners. It is important that the company has thoroughly trained employees, and that their employees have a thorough understanding of the field of house inspection.


The price of a four-point inspection is significantly more than other services, however, if the house is found to be in need of repairs, the entire home will need to be inspected. The price of a four-point house inspection service is usually between three hundred and six hundred dollars, depending on the area in which the house is located. There are some companies who are willing to provide the service for free but will require a sign-up or deposit of between three hundred and five hundred dollars. If you are unsure whether a house inspection is right for you, consider the pros and cons of hiring a professional, and making an appointment today.

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