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Arizona Home Inspection Pros

     Protect your real estate investment by availing the services of the best and most trusted real estate inspection services in Arizona. Our licensed inspectors are not only properly certified to conduct house and commercial property structural, construction, and system inspections, but our first-rate services are offered at the most affordable and reasonable cost within Phoenix, Arizona and nearby areas.  

     If you are a property owner or are still looking to buy a certain property in any of our serviceable areas in Arizona, let us help you feel secure by booking our full and thorough inspection services. We give accurate and complete reports on the structural condition and foundation of the property, do non-invasive inspections like attic inspection and check-ups on all other parts of the home, and check for property hazards such as mold inspection, crawlspace examination, and more. We use the latest tools and technologies in the home inspection industry.

     Our services are available for residential properties, pre-purchased homes, commercial properties, apartments, condominium units, and more. Our licensed inspectors are well equipped and adequately trained to inspect different types of property with different lot sizes, foundations, and architectural make-up. Whatever inspection it is that our clients need, we shall do with the security, convenience, and safety of the owners, potential buyers, and users in mind.

Arizona Licensed Home Inspectors

     Entrust your home with licensed home inspectors who are properly licensed and thus have passed the national home inspection examination meeting Gilbert Arizona home inspector qualifications, examinations, and other local requirements and standards. Whether you are a potential investor looking to buy a residential property in Gilbert Arizona, or you already are a homeowner and would just want to ensure the integrity of your home’s foundation and structure, both internal and external, our quality home inspection services conducted by our licensed home inspectors are certainly what you and your property need.

     Our licensed real estate inspectors are trained to competently and professionally do all these and more. With years of training and experience in home inspection, our best licensed Phoenix home inspector will deliver, and continue to provide valuable quality home inspection services at the most reasonable prices in the area, all to ensure the peace of mind of every potential home buyer and homeowner.


     Quality home inspection services are an important part of buying and maintaining a home, and, in fact, are also just as important in selling your home to another. As a seller, it is your responsibility to ascertain that the property you are transferring to another is free from any high-risk issue, and also to apprise your buyer of other important matters about the property that he or she must know before the purchase. Truly, our extensive and accurate reports, as made and certified by our licensed home inspectors, can help you with your home inspection needs.

New Phoenix Home Inspections

     Buying and moving into a new home is one of the most important life decisions you and your family will ever have to make. There are many factors to consider, such as the price of the property, location, and its proximity to important establishments. After taking into consideration all of these and finally choosing from your shortlist, the foundation and overall structural integrity of the chosen property is another set of factors to pay regard to.


     Let us help you take care of the latter. New home inspection is one of our specialties, and our licensed residential inspectors are here to make sure that homeowners are fully aware of the features and conditions of their new home, as they make this important investment, which, most certainly, calls for sufficient examination, scrutiny, and monitoring.


     Brokers and real estate agents, not just in Phoenix Arizona but the rest of the US, would agree that top-notch home inspection services are a must for every current and future homeowner. It is most especially important for buyers who are debating whether or not to buy a certain property for their new home. Particularly in Arizona, we are a team of licensed Gilbert home inspectors whom brokers, real estate agents, and, most importantly, homeowners, buyers, and sellers within the state trust when it comes to the home inspection services they depend on!

All in One Phoenix Home Inspector

     Whether you are a buyer, a seller, or a current homeowner who just wants to be updated of the conditions of his or her residential property, our all in one Phoenix home inspector service is the perfect option for your home inspection needs in Phoenix Arizona.


     As can be assumed from its name, the all in one home inspection service includes examination of all the features of the home: the house’s interior and exterior, windows, doors, and other entry and exit points, if any, HVAC, fireplace, roof, basement and crawlspace, attic, both electrical and plumbing systems of the house, among other home portions and systems in place. All these essential inspections will take a couple of hours, mainly depending on the size of the house and the existence of various home features.

Guaranteed Quality Home Inspection

    The Arizona Home Inspection team is comprised of certified, licensed and highly qualified home inspectors, who will be using the latest tools and technologies in the industry.  Each inspector has been adequately trained for the usage of all inspection equipment. These instruments are especially devised to ensure that all of the home’s essential areas are properly inspected and thoroughly examined, thus making sure that the property is safe and ready as you and your family move in.


     After the inspection, our real estate inspectors will generate and then send you the full report in within 24 hours or less. Verbal description of areas of concern will be mentioned at the time of inspection. Our inspection reports do not only contain complete and accurate information about the property inspected, but they are also very easy to comprehend. This will be especially helpful to first-time home buyers, or those who are just not as well-versed with technical terms and concepts relating to home inspection.

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The Phoenix Community and Development

Community Development
Funding Allocations Fiscal years 2020-2025
Capital Improvement Projects & Other Major Projects The Capital Improvement Program (CIP) in the Street Transportation Department includes a comprehensive pavement maintenance program, improvements to existing streets for mobility and safety issues, technology upgrades to signals, building new street and drainage infrastructure, expanding roadways, and much more. The five year program will provide over ​$750 million in improvements to our infrastructure. Please see the document below for more detailed information. Phoenix Capital Improvement Program 2020-2025 The list below also contains other major projects that are funded through federal transportation funds or special grants. These projects follow the same planning/design/construction process. Pre-Design 3rd Avenue, Camelback Road to Missouri Avenue, Pedestrian Improvement​ 3rd Street Rio Salado to Lincoln Street Connector & Rio Salado Bike/Ped Bridge​ 19th Avenue and McDowell Road (Railroad Project)​ 20th Street Improvement Project 32nd Street: Cheryl Drive to Cholla Street Improvements​ 56th Street Corridor Study Colter Street, 15th Avenue to 20th Street Hatcher Road Improvement Study, 19th Avenue to Central Avenue ​​ Laveen South Mountain Transportation Study Tempe/Phoenix Freight Study Design Concept Report​ Garfield-Edison Park Proposed Bike Improvements (Villa/Fillmore Bike Boulevard)​ Fillmore from Central Avenue to 7th Street Proposed Bike Lanes Planning Downtown Transportation Plan Update ​ Transportation 2050 Mobility Studies Design 3rd and 5th Avenues Improvement Project (North of McDowell Road) 7th Avenue and Mountain View Road Improvement Project 13th Street, Van Buren to Moreland Street Improvement Project 19th Avenue and Sunnyside Pedestrian Safety Improvement Alternatives 27th Avenue and Thomas Road Railroad Crossing Improvements 27th Avenue, Lower Buckeye to Buckeye Rd Improvement Project 31st Street, Thunderbird to Hearn Road Improvement Project 35th Avenue, Camelback to Bethany Home Road Improvement Project 35th Avenue and Harrison Railroad Crossing Improvements 35th Avenue Safety Corridor: I-10 to Camelback Rd (BUILD Grant) 43rd Avenue Improvement Projects Buckeye Road, 67th to 59th Ave Improvement Project Cave Creek Road Improvement Project Grand Canalscape Phase 3, 75th Avenue to 47th Avenue Happy Valley Road, 67th Ave to 35th Ave Lower Buckeye Road, 27th to 19th Ave Improvement Project Mountain View to Peoria Avenue, 15th to 7th Avenue Safe Routes to School Project Van Buren Street Enhancement Project (7th Street to 24th Street) Western Canalscape, 4th Avenue to 24th Street Construction 3rd Street Improvement Project 43rd Avenue: Anthem Way to Circle Mountain Road 48th Street South of Baseline Downtown Traffic Management System Indian School Road Fiberoptic Installation North Phoenix Infrastructure Oak Street Improvement Project Palm Lane, 28th to 32nd Street Storm Drain Project Pinnacle Peak Road (45th Avenue to 35th Avenue) - Street and Storm Drain Improvements Recently Completed 3rd and 5th Avenues Improvement Project (South of McDowell Road) 7th Street Bridge Rehabilitation at the Union Pacific Railroad 7th Street Salt River Bridge Reconstruction 16th Place to 17th Street, Wier to Tamarisk Avenue Improvement Project 43rd Street, McDowell Road to Palm Lane Downtown Mobility Area Street Lighting Installation Grand Canalscape - Phases 1 and 2 (East of I-17 to Tempe border) Roeser Road, 37th to 32nd Street Improvement Project Roosevelt to Moreland Street, 33rd to 34th Ave Improvement Project

How did Phoenix get it's name?

The City of Phoenix, Arizona came to be called Phoenix because of an early settler, Jack Swilling. For many years after the city's founding, it was referred to as "The Valley of the Sun." Early settlers in Phoenix included Jack Swilling who successfully raised crops there using irrigation he had learned while serving Mormon missions in Texas. He eventually began to plan for building canals that would be used to irrigate his land and those owned by others living nearby. After completing two miles of these canals, he founded the Swilling Irrigation and Canal Company with James McKinney. The company built another 15 miles canal which brought water from South mountain all the way to the Gila river where it would flow down into modern day Phoenix. A year later, they built a second canal that brought water from the same source all the way to what is now known as Indian School Road and 7th Street. This would help continue making the area a popular farming community. Swilling and McKinney continued building until they had created more than 200 miles of canals in order irrigate the land around Phoenix, which helped make it larger and larger. The last canal was built in 1890, after which Jack Swilling felt that he had met his goal of creating an agricultural oasis through irrigation. He then moved to Wickenburg where he died in 1878. Not long after, multiple areas began being settled throughout Arizona by people who were determined to grow crops using irrigation methods similar to those used by Swilling's company. These people also helped to make the city of Phoenix larger and larger. By 1912, a newspaper in Arizona shared that many people had moved to the area, resulting in an economic boom as well as a population increase over 25% within two years. In 1913, Phoenix became a "chartered city" having been incorporated into Arizona from being a mere "township", helped by Governor George W. Hunt who came to meet with founders of the town to discuss how exactly it should be run due to rapid growth early on. What followed was rapid industrialization and modernization including new kinds of public services such as hospitals, churches, libraries among others being established which caused Phoenix's population to explode from 2,000 people in 1900 all way up close to 50,000 people in 1920. By 1990, more than 150,000 people were calling the city of Phoenix Arizona their home and by 2010 it had grown to be home of 1.5 million people.

When did Phoenix become incorporated?

When was Phoenix Arizona incorporated? Phoenix became incorporated on February 25th, 1881. From the incorporation until 1912, city officials did not meet recorded requirements because they were afraid of lawsuits by disgruntled property owners who did not want the government interference in their businesses. However, all properties within the current boundaries of Phoenix are now under local control.

What type of wildlife is in Phoenix, AZ?

Gilbert, Arizona has lots of furry and not so furry critters running around. Most of the wildlife within the city limits are nuisance animals such as: Opposums, Rats, Rodents, Snakes, Raccoons, Bats, Skunks, and Feral Cats and Dogs. There are all types of migratory birds, Jack Rabbits, Cottontail Rabbits, and even domestic birds have been spotted around the city due to its warm climate.

What Schools are located in Phoenix, AZ?

Here is a list of Phoenix Elementary schools addresses and phone numbers as of 2022:

Roosevelt School District No. 66 6000 S 7th St, Phoenix, AZ 85042 (602) 243-4800 Southwest Elementary School 1111 W Dobbins Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85041 (602) 232-4270 Tuscano Elementary School 3850 S 79th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85043 (623) 707-2300 Paul Laurence Dunbar School 707 W Grant St, Phoenix, AZ 85007 (602) 257-3844 Sonoran Science Academy School 3535 E McDowell Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85008 (602) 244-9855 Lowell Elementary School 1121 S 3rd Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85003 (602) 257-3902 Alhambra Elementary School 4510 N 37th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85019 (602) 336-2920 Maryland School 6503 N 21st Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85015 (602) 347-2300 GEdison Elementary School 804 N 18th St, Phoenix, AZ 85006 (602) 257-3848 Monte Vista Elementary School 3501 E Osborn Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85018 (602) 381-6140 Fireside Elementary School 3725 E Lone Cactus Dr, Phoenix, AZ 85050 (602) 449-4700 Moya Elementary School 406 N 41st Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85009 (602) 442-3100 Ocotillo Elementary School 3225 W Ocotillo Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85017 (602) 347-2400 Montessori Day School 9215 N 14th St, Phoenix, AZ 85020 (602) 943-7672 Mary McLeod Bethune School 1310 S 15th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85007 (602) 257-3830 Phoenix Elementary Sch District 120 E Grant St, Phoenix, AZ 85004 (602) 257-3934 Phoenix Elementary School District #1 1817 N 7th St, Phoenix, AZ 85006 (602) 257-3755 Maie Bartlett Heard Elementary 2301 W Thomas Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85015 (602) 257-3880 Irene Lopez School 4610 S 12th St, Phoenix, AZ 85040 (602) 232-4920 Capitol Elementary School 330 N 16th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85007 (602) 257-3835 Phoenix Elementary School Dst 123 N 13th St, Phoenix, AZ 85034 (602) 257-3909 Madison School District #38 5601 N 16th St, Phoenix, AZ 85016 (602) 664-7900 Cesar Chavez Community School 4001 S 3rd St, Phoenix, AZ 85040 (602) 232-4940 Synergy Public School 2701 W Bethany Home Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85017 (480) 416-1070 Hopi Elementary School 5110 E Lafayette Blvd, Phoenix, AZ 85018 (480) 484-2000 Emerson Elementary School 915 E Palm Ln, Phoenix, AZ 85006 (602) 257-3853

Here is a list of Phoenix Public Middle Schools or Junior High School addresses and phone numbers in Arizona as of 2022:

Marc T. Atkinson Middle School 4315 N Maryvale Pkwy, Phoenix, AZ 85031 (623) 691-1700 Cholla Middle School 3120 W Cholla St, Phoenix, AZ 85029 (602) 896-5400 Desert Sands Middle School 6308 W Campbell Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85033 (623) 691-4900 Madison Meadows Middle School 225 W Ocotillo Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85013 (602) 664-7600 South Pointe High School 8325 S Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85042 (602) 243-0600 Explorer Middle School (EMS) 22401 N 40th St, Phoenix, AZ 85050 (602) 449-4200 Deer Valley Middle School 21100 N 27th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85027 (623) 445-3300 Imagine Desert West Middle School 6800 W McDowell Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85035 (623) 469-2024 Isaac Middle School 3402 W McDowell Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85009 (602) 455-6800 Osborn Middle School 1102 W Highland Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85013 (602) 707-2400 Ingleside Middle School 5402 E Osborn Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85018 (480) 484-4900 ASU Prep South Phoenix High School 4445 S 12th St, Phoenix, AZ 85040 (602) 842-1722 Palo Verde School 7502 N 39th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85051 (602) 347-2500 Desert Foothills Jr High School 4101 N 27th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85017 Mountain Sky Jr. High School 16225 N 7th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85023 (602) 896-6100 Desert Foothills Jr High School 3333 W Banff Ln., Phoenix, AZ 85053 (602) 896-5500 South Pointe Junior High 217 E Olympic Dr, Phoenix, AZ 85042 (602) 243-8496 Estrella Junior High School 3733 N 75th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85033 (623) 691-5400 Academy of Math & Science - Desert Sky 5701 W McDowell Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85035 (623) 242-2597

Here is a list of Phoenix Public High Schools addresses and phone numbers in Arizona as of 2022:

South Pointe High School 8325 S Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85042 (602) 243-0600 Phoenix Union High School District 3535 N 27th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85017 Carl Hayden Community High School 3333 W Roosevelt St, Phoenix, AZ 85009 (602) 764-3000 Arcadia High School 4703 E Indian School Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85018 (480) 484-6300 North Phoenix Preparatory Academy 14100 N 32nd St, Phoenix, AZ 85032 (602) 996-4355 Phoenix Union High School District 1900 W Thomas Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85015 Phoenix Union High School District 4502 N Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85012 (602) 764-1100

We Provide the best Home Inspection Phoenix has to offer!

Our team at Arizona Home Inspection Pros offers the most qualified home inspection in Phoenix Arizona. We will evaluate your home or building to give you an excellent understanding of the condition of your property. You will be well educated at the status of your investment before selling or purchasing real estate.

Phoenix, Arizona Home Inspection Service

There are many things to consider when searching for a Phoenix, Arizona Home Inspection Service. The service should always offer a full descriptive report of all aspects of the home under ASHIor InterNACHI standards. These reports by a licensed home inspection service will help you to understand what is potentially wrong with all of your main aspects of real estate improvements.

Why Choose Us?

Our expertise: The Arizona Home Inspection Pro team has been in the inspection business for over a decade. We have the knowledge and understanding of determining the condition of commercial real estate and residential real estate. These reports we provide with full-high resolution photos will help document the current status of your property or potential real estate you wish to invest in.

The Arizona Home Inspection Pro Efficiency:

We make all attempts to have the inspection completed in a timely manner. Depending on the state of the subject property these inspections can take as little as 2 hours or as long as 5 hours depending on the size and extent of reporting necessary. Our efficiency at documenting the issues is above the rest. We won’t waste anymore of your time other than what is necessary to educate our clients and capture high quality documentation.

The Arizona Home Inspection Pro Availability:

Our services are available anywhere within the state of Arizona. We handle inspections from Tucson to Flagstaff to Quartzite and down to Yuma. If you’re looking for a quality on-time inspection, get in touch with us now!

A Great Commercial Inspection Phoenix Option for Light Commercial Buildings in Arizona

If you've noticed your commercial building or property has been showing signs of age or you’re thinking about making a large investment in a commercial building, it's time to consider a commercial building inspection to save you money. The following are just some of the facets of commercial building inspections available for our customers in Arizona:

Commercial Roofing Inspection Phoenix

One of the most, if not the most, important aspect of a commercial building inspection is checking the roof. The condition of the roof will determine how well the rest of the building is holding up to the weather. Monsoon rains in Arizona can be severely damaging to commercial roof systems.

Commercial Electrical Inspection Phoenix

Electricity is extremely vital in the day-to-day and long term operation of any company. We ensure the electrical system is safe to operate, and if there is any potential issues found during our electrical inspection of a property we’ll note all of the details for further evaluation.

Commercial Plumbing Inspection Phoenix

Every commercial building with water has a set of issues that could arise from the failure of a plumbing system. We check to make sure the water coming in is stable as well as the water flowing out of the building. From potable fresh water to waste and storm water, we document every step of the way.

The Dependable Phoenix Home Inspection Team

A Phoenix Home Inspection crew knows the details behind how Phoenix weather can affect buildings and homes in the area. This is the knowledge and expertise you can expect from Arizona Home Inspection Pros. There’s one thing you should always expect from our crew, and that’s to:

Evaluate the actual condition of your current home or building

You need all the information you can get before deciding whether it's worth spending big money on a new home, store, or office building. Our experts will examine every part of your property from top to bottom in order to determine how much life has been used up in your roofing, plumbing, and HVAC systems. You will have a better understanding of how much money you should potentially budget for upcoming maintenance and repairs.

Are You Looking for an Arizona Home Inspector?

Our professional team includes the best Arizona Home Inspector available for your home inspection needs. You will have the best quality report for the condition of your real estate or home in Arizona. We’re always here to help!

Phoenix Real Estate Home Inspector

Real estate in Phoenix, Arizona should be inspected by a Phoenix Real Estate Home Inspector. The difference between the local home inspector and one from a different area of the state, is that inspections in other areas are not entirely the same. Different areas experience different weather patterns and temperatures, as well as having different styles of building design. Choose Arizona Home Inspection Pros for all your Real Estate Inspections in Gilbert.

Phoenix Home Inspection for Buyers

Having a home inspector that represents the buyer is likely the best investment you can ever make when purchasing a new or preexisting home. Phoenix home inspection for buyers is the majority of our business in Phoenix, AZ. We make sure our clients understand all of the issues that could potentially arise with a prospective property purchase. Invest in a confident offer to purchase with Arizona Home Inspection Pros top quality inspection services in Arizona.

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Thinking of Moving to Phoenix?

Here’s 10 things to consider about Phoenix if you’re not sure the area is right for you!  There is so much entertainment and things to do in and around Phoenix, you’ll never run out of excitement!


  • 1. Phoenix is a cultural melting pot, with many different types of people from many different backgrounds. Your neighbors could be retired couples like you, hip 20-somethings, college students and families. With big international companies like Apple and Intel having offices in the city; we’ve got plenty of diversity!


  • 2. You can find anything in Phoenix – whether it’s high fashion or housewares; arts and entertainment; world class dining; vintage shops; art galleries; outdoor activities such as hiking, birding and camping (and much more); there will never be a shortage of things to do in this great city!

  • 3. Are you into cars? If so, then you’ve got to check out the Barrett-Jackson Auction , happening every year in Scottsdale.

  • 4. If you’re a sports fan, then welcome to paradise! Phoenix International Raceway which hosted NASCAR events from 1964 to 1992 has been host to Indy Racing League events from 1996 to 2005. We have the NFL’s Cardinals, MLB’s Diamondbacks and our beloved NHL team – The Coyotes .

  • 5. No matter whether your favorite outdoor activity is taking in nature by way of hiking, cycling or birding; enjoying world-class festivals such as the annual Fiesta Bowl Block Party ; enjoying a round of golf on one of the many famous courses around town; or taking in some best-in-class events such as The Phoenix Open

  • 6. When you move to Phoenix, you can easily take advantage of our clean and modern public transportation system!

  • 7. Did you know that according to several sources, Phoenix is considered one of the best places for business and careers?

  • 8. Did you know that according to several sources, Phoenix is considered one of the best places for business and careers?

  • 9. Believe it or not, our city was ranked #1 on Men’s Health Magazine “Top 10 Best Cities to Find a Job” list – did you hear that ladies? If your significant other is worried about finding good work after moving here; consider this an added bonus!

  • 10. Do you enjoy shopping? Well then, perhaps Arizona Mills might be more your speed; with over 1 million square feet of retail space, you can find just about everything under one roof! Now that’s what I call convenient!