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Four Point Inspection

If you are looking to have your house insured or have its insurance renewed, one of the things that insurance companies will usually require is a four-point inspection of the home. Basically, the performance of this inspection is necessary so that the insurance company will be able to properly understand the liability it will have to take on, in the event that the risk that the house is insured against arises (this includes fire, earthquakes and other natural calamities, floods, malicious damage, just to name a few), which would thus result in payment on the part of the company of the coverage in the agreement.

This is not to say that a four point inspection shall only be done for insurance purposes. In fact, even if you are not dealing with an insurance company, having a four point inspection done for your home has a lot of benefits, some of which include:

This is important so that you are able to immediately address issues before they get worse, or before actually selling your property in case you are thinking of doing so. 

By proactively checking on your home’s four major systems, you are able to avoid serious and complicated problems, and also thus avoid additional and unnecessary expenses.

Four point inspections are conducted by a licensed real estate inspector—someone who has had years of experience in home inspection, as well as in using the latest tools and technologies in the home inspection industry. They finish the work within a few hours, and they do so at a very reasonable cost.

Four Point Inspection

A four point inspection reviews a home’s four major systems: roofing, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC. In particular, here are some of the things that you will expect to know after a four point inspection:

This refers to the home’s Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning System. Here, the inspector will check for any water damage, leakage, the approximate life left of your air conditioning system and central heating, and the overall functionality of your home’s HVAC.

Roof inspection is, of course, an integral part of a house inspection. In this part of the process, the inspector will check the property’s roof type, roof age and approximate time it has left before replacement or repair, and any other issue or damage that needs addressing such as cracked tiles, missing fasteners, leakage, and previous substandard repairs.

As many house fires have been caused by faulty wiring, electrical system inspection is also a must in the completion of a four point home inspection. This involves checking the type of wiring and panels used, the fuse boxes, age and condition of the system, and any safety hazards present.

In this part of the inspection, the real estate inspector will check the house’s water heater, type of plumbing, among others. Of course, leakages, if any, will also be reported, as well as pipes that may be due for repair or replacement.

These four major systems of the home are very important to be checked, as the condition of these systems say a lot about a house’s upkeep and overall maintenance. For insurance companies, this inspection allows them to understand how well the home has been maintained and what kind of liability they are insuring. Almost always, these insurers especially require a four point inspection on homes that are 10 years of age or more.

The four point inspection is not just available for regular houses but may also be availed of by condominium or apartment unit owners. If you are in or near Mesa, Arizona and wish to have this kind of inspection for your home, let us know what type of residential property you wish to have checked and we can start from there. 

We are also open to answering some of your questions regarding the four point inspection. Just send us a message, and one of our expert home inspectors will get back to your concern as soon as possible.

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