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The History of The American Society of Home Inspectors and The ASHI Standard of Practice

All about ASHI Standard of Practice and the ASHI organization.

     1976 was the year when a group of home inspectors with a passion for quality, came
together in pursuit of two similar goals. The first goal was to educate and increase consumer and homeowner awareness about this relatively new occupation
and to be able to effectively demonstrate the value that an inspection provides potential homeowners during the buying process. The second goal was to provide training and resources to further the
professionalism required of inspectors in this field to progress the relevance of needing this profession within the real estate market.


     The ASHI Standards of Practice (SOP) currently provide guidelines and training requirements for over 16,000 members throughout North America and the world.  ASHI’s focus is transparency, and they want everyone involved in the housing industry to adopt their SOP. Lenders, completely on board with the idea, often require a third party to inspect a home before they can give a loan. There’s no question that the ASHI SOP has become a major success.

ASHI standards have been adopted by several agencies in different Countries outside of North America including Canada, South Africa, and many others.

ASHI all started when a group of 3 people that shared the same passion met in early 1976. At this point in time, ASHI was not formally established as an organization yet.     

After establishing a code of ethics and standard of practice found here, they soon
received sponsorship from the National Association of Realtors which
helped them establish themselves as a bona fide organization.



     The current president for ASHI, John Wessling, has been in the home inspection business for over 15 years.  John assumed the roll beginning in 2021, and brings a lot of real world knowledge to the organization.  The goal still remains the same. To make home inspections clear and standardize them across the nation. The organization created a set of
guidelines that an inspector must follow called Standard of Practice (SOP). Each country has their own version of the SOP and they also have certifications that people with experience can attain.

ASHI offers the ASHI Certified Home Inspector Certification

     This indicates qualified inspectors are highly skilled at their craft. According to one of the past presidents for ASHI, becoming an ASHI certified inspector takes hard work and dedication. Even though there is no degree required, an inspector needs to be able to pass a test in all areas of the SOP. Only about 20% pass this test on their first try.


     ASHI is continuously working to make home inspections more transparent for all parties involved, whether it’s getting better education for beginning inspectors or bringing modern technology into the process.

The next major project ASHI is tackling is developing a checklist that will be widely accepted in the industry. Prior Executive Vice President at the American Society of Home Inspectors said everyone should adopt their SOP to standardize home inspection reports across North America. The goal for the organization is to get objective data into the client’s hands with no confusion or misinterpretations.

     The inventory checklists are already available on the ASHI website for free for both new and seasoned inspectors. The big picture is to make the industry more transparent and clear, and ASHI feels like they can go a long way toward accomplishing those goals in the near future.  InterNACHI is quickly working on the same type of achievements as well.

     According to ASHI, their membership has been on the rise since its inception. The number of members has risen from 7 in 1976 to over 14,000 today.  It was apparent that there was a need for an association like the American Society of Home Inspectors. Home inspections is not something people see on TV everyday, and no one would know how inspections work if they had never seen one performed before.


     Membership ranges from single inspectors all the way up to large companies with hundreds of employees. Whatever your needs are, you are sure to find someone that can help you out. According to the ASHI website, the number one reason for joining is because it provides a way to get more business. Members also enjoy networking with other people in the industry and staying up-to-date on all things inspection related.

     If you or someone you know is looking into getting into home inspections, you should strongly consider dealing with a professional that follows ASHI standards of practice. It’s important to have a company that can properly inspect your home and give an honest opinion about its quality.


     A good home inspector will be able to tell problems from non-problems so make sure whoever takes a look at your house knows what they are doing!

     To learn more about home inspectors visit the ASHI website.

The American Society of Home Inspectors helps categorize inspection criteria for home inspections.  This helps to ensure every property receives the same level of inspections as the previous one, and makes sure the inspector doesn’t miss elements critical to the building’s operation and longevity.

     You can also read up on their Standard of Practice (SOP) to see what they believe all inspectors should follow on every inspection. This is a must read for anyone in the industry, but particularly people wanting to get involved with real estate transactions whether buying or selling a home.

     The ASHI website also has educational courses as well as informational videos for those wanting to get started as a home inspector be it an employee or owner of your own company, and the material is free to use and learn from.

     The organization provides industry related news and updates on trends in construction practices, safety concerns and more. They also have job postings and searchable member directories along with contractors that only work with inspectors who are ASHI Certified Home Inspectors (ACI).

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