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All in One Home Inspections

What is an All In One Home Inspection? An All In One Home Inspection is an inspection where several different vendors are used to conduct a complete inspection of the property. Based on the minimum PPP threshold (see eligibility criteria above), it might be possible to calculate the potential payroll costs represented by each vendor on their PPP program (see eligibility criteria above). For this calculation, all expenses associated with the property are counted including professional fees, installation charges, labor fees, transportation costs, and any legal fees.


A typical All In One Home Inspection process consists of the following: Pre-diagnosis: The Pre-diagnosis stage is the very first stage of the entire process. During the Pre-diagnosis stage, the inspector conducts a thorough search of the property to gather information and to obtain a thorough idea of the condition of the property. During the Pre-diagnosis stage, the inspector is able to collect basic information about the property and can make a note of any damage that might exist or need to be repaired. The inspector also gets an opportunity to investigate the warranty policies and can undertake a thorough check of the product documentation. If a warranty is available the inspector records the date of purchase or a copy is provided. The inspector does not undertake a thorough examination of the property based on the presence of the warranty.


Inspection: Once all the information gathered during the Pre-diagnosis stage is assembled and is ready to proceed the inspection process begins. This stage is divided into two specific sections. The first section is the Inspection Review. During this stage, the inspector is free to examine all systems and components of the building and is not constrained by the warranty coverage. He may make a note of any damage or defect that he notices during the review.


In the second section, the inspector shall inspect the goods for signs of damage. He may use software tools to help him identify problem areas such as leaks, punctures, and missing items. For any visible damage, the inspector can provide a detailed description to the seller. He can also offer advice on how best to repair or replace a product. For products that are still covered by the warranty, the inspector can offer his opinion on whether the product will continue to work. He may even be able to suggest how much it will cost to remedy the problem.


All in One Home Inspection does not take place without the involvement of the seller or the Realtor. In order to make a sale the agent must believe that the home is presented is in fair condition. Therefore he will probably require the assistance of the seller in order to locate any potential problems. The Realtor’s checklist can be a valuable resource in assisting the inspector with his inspections. It will contain items that have been noted by the real estate agent during previous inspections.


If there is a problem that the seller has discovered during the inspection then he should document it in writing. In some cases, this may include a video recording of the product. The recording may not be admissible in court if it was done in an attempt to deceive the buyer.


If the product has been properly inspected then he should provide a summary of the findings of the inspector and submit them to the buyer. The seller should carefully review all of the reports and any notes about repairs that were made prior to the closing date. Any changes that need to be made to the product should be clearly indicated on the report. All in One Home Inspection can be a valuable asset to both the seller and the buyer but it will only be successful if the seller follows all of the recommendations.


For buyers who are purchasing a house that has not been previously inspected it is advisable to obtain a copy of the seller’s all-in-one inspection report. This will give them an idea of what needs to be repaired or replaced prior to the sale. This will also give them an idea of the scope of the warranty for their new product. Buyers must always make sure that they are buying from a reputable seller.

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