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4 Point Inspection For Roofing

When it comes to a commercial roof, the four-point inspection is considered a standard inspection. However, when it comes to residential roofs, it is a different story. It is not uncommon to have shingles and tiles that are not inspected thoroughly. This can lead to leaks and other problems that can be difficult, if not impossible, to fix.


A four-point inspection should not be confused with an inspection for roof debris or shingles. The 4 point inspection is an inspection of the complete roof system. This means that the four points of the inspection include the ridge cap, attic insulation, fascia, and tiles. All four of these components must be inspected in order for a complete picture to be created. This will ensure that your roof system is in good repair and that you do not need to replace any of the roof material.


During the 4 point inspection, the roofer will check the attic insulation. They will also look for areas where the shingles have been broken or dislodged. This is important because the insulation will allow heat to effectively enter the home. Additionally, the shingles can become weak over time due to inclement weather. If they are weak, this can cause expensive energy bills since the room will need more electrical lighting to function properly.


Next, the roofer will inspect the attic for leaks and signs of water damage. Most often, leaks are caused by poorly fitted shingles or tiles. Additionally, the material may need to be replaced due to damage from exposure to moisture. While inspecting the roof, the inspector will check the flashing around the roof. This is important to ensure that it is in good condition and free of gaps or missing material. This will prevent leaks from occurring and also promote the durability of the roof.


The inspector will perform a point inspection of the attic insulation. This is when they look for loose tiles or shingles. This is an important part of the roof as this prevents heat loss during the winter months. It also allows the heat to be retained longer in the attic. When the roofing material becomes damaged or worn, this will greatly impact the energy efficiency of the home.


Another part of the 4 point inspection involves the roof deck. This is where the roofing material is checked. If the materials are cracked or appear to have some sort of problem with them, they will be replaced. Cracks may develop in the shingles and tiles. This problem can actually allow cold air to get inside the home and lower the temperature of the home.


Next, the inspector will inspect the roof deck itself. This is a great place for leaks to develop as well. If any water is getting through the roof, it is important to repair it before the winter season sets in. This will prevent damage to the entire roof system. In some areas, this inspection is done after the roofing material has been replaced but in other cases, it is performed before.


The roof inspection is very important for any home. This is why it should be performed in a professional manner by a professional roofer. If you are doing the inspection on your own, you do not have the knowledge to identify weak areas of the roof or areas of shingles that are beginning to fall off. If you are not able to determine what areas of the roof you need to repair, then you may end up replacing the entire roof. This can cost you thousands of dollars more than having the work performed professionally.

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